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    English-Thai Phonetic Dictionary 1.9

     A word to word phonetic dictionary of over 10,000 words with a fast search engine. High quality 14,000 Audio files of useful sentences/words arranged by 100 subject categories. Basic Thai learning e-book with 100 lessons and over 1,200 sentences using the Text Colors system. Thai to English phonetic dictionary with 10,000 words and a fast search engine. The Basic Thai lear ...


    MyThaiTutor 1

    MyThaiTutor will help you with pronounciation, word recognition, comprehension and writing. The main benefits of this application are that it contains exercise functionality to allow you to practice what you are learning, and a way to help reinforce it for you so that you retain what you have learned. In addition, MyThaiTutor also contains self-testing functionality so you can ...


    Easy Thai 2.0.2

     Translate, understand, and learn spoken words in Thai language with this Phonetic Dictionary. Easy Thai finds the majority of Thai words, because the search request is based on two simple rules. The main advantage of the electronic voice response function is that it is possible to hear Thai words, which have been entered and saved immediately, without having to digitalize larg ...


    ThaiTrainer111 3.14

     ThaiTrainer111 gives you a quick and easy way to study and learn the Thai language independently. Since this language uses its own individual alphabet and grammar, there are no comparisons to any of the european languages possible. This makes learning Thai not easy indeed. ThaiTrainer111 wil help you over the most difficult hurdles. We have included phonetic writing in English ...


    Thailand2Go Phrase Book for Smartphone 3.0.5

    Turn your PDA into a translator and langauge teacher. HNHSoft Thailand2Go Talking Phrase Book is a great travel translator and language learning assistant, designed and optimized specifically for Windows Mobile Smartphone. This talking phrase book includes more than 1000 words and phrases that are frequently used when travelling to Thailand. Each phrase is translated into Thai ...

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    1English-Thai Phonetic Dictionary 1.94.000000
    2MyThaiTutor 13.500000
    3Easy Thai
    4ThaiTrainer111 3.143.000000
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