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    American English Pronunciation Patterns Pro

    Pronunciation Patterns has over 100 phonics rules and groups 4,000 words by phonetic patterns to help you practice English pronunciation and learn new English words. Now you can just read English words without using IPA. It also has a special designed exercise and online mouth video clips to help you build a strong mouth muscle and learn how to say each sound to help you pronou ...

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    Listening ELF 1.2

    Listening ELF is an useful and simple software for studying foreign language especially for listening and speaking ability. Listening ELF is designed as a tool of studying foreign language. It can break a WAVE format audio file automatically or manually, then you can listen to every sentence repeatedly and meanwhile you can write down the sentence. According to feedback, it's a ...

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    Clicktionary 3.2.1

    Translate English words into various languages with a single mouse click. Include: Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, And Russian Clicktionary is an English translation tool capable of translating English words to Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, German, ...

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    Telephone English

    PublicSoft telephone English will help you improve your communication over the phone by helping you speak better English on the telephone. You will learn key phrases and replies that are used in everyday situations in the business world. You will learn how to finalize deals, place orders, receive and place complaints, take down and leave messages, in international pronounciat ...


    English-English Talking Dictionary 2006

    English-English Talking Dictionary largest selling English-English Talking Dictionary. It carries more than 5,00,000 words. For each word it gives different accurate meanings, audio pronunciations, appropriate examples, various synonyms, antonyms, history and grammatical description with pictorial explanation. Dictionary can work with in other software(s) like Microsof ...


    English-Japanese Kanji-Kana Talking Dictionary 3.1.41

    The Talking Dictionary 2006 English <-> Japanese Kanji-Kana for Windows is part of a unique suite of language learning applications for your PC. It provides bi-directional word translation and advanced synthesis of English and Japanese speech. The dictionary is easy to install and use on your desktop computer. It translates in both directions between English and Japanese and pr ...

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    TransLite Spanish-English Dictionary 8.6.4

     Text translation has never been easier; just point the cursor at a word and get instant translation! TransLite - the fast and easy-to-use dictionary which will allow you to translate a word or a phrase in any program. With TransLite you can quickly translate web pages, emails, documents and more. All you have to do is point the cursor at the word or text that you want to tra ...


    PeetaReader 1

    Read and Understand Fast. One click reading helper for students of English, difficult words are found and definitions provided. No more dictionary searches or electronic dictionary typing. One click and you are done. Copy your text or Web site. Paste into the software. Click the difficult words. Finished. Download Now


    Spell Catcher Plus 3.0 build 1842

    Add both interactive and selective spell check to every Windows program you use, including e-mail applications, Web browsers, instant-messaging programs, word processors, spreadsheets, database applications, and graphics programs. Try Spell Catcher for free with the programs you're currently using. It works both as you type and after you've typed, on passages you've se ...


    VNI XP & Talking Dictionary

     (New version supporting Hyper-Threading and Dual Core Technology) Vietnamese-English Learning & Language Solution, includes 10 software titles: Tan Viet XP, POINT & LEARN, English-Vietnamese Talking Dictionary, Vietnamese-English Talking Dictionary, Vietnamese-Vietnamese Talking Dictionary, Vietnamese Spelling Dictionary, Learn While You Work, Text-to-Speech, WebEye XP, Ong D ...


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