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    Clicker 5 - NEW Version!

    Clicker 5 - newest version by crick softwareClicker 5 screen shot - writing, word processor with speech - for children and special needsClicker 5 is a powerful yet easy-to-use writing support and multimedia tool that enables children to write with whole words, phrases, pictures and sound and can be used to support any area of the curriculum. Clicker 5 displays a virtual 'Grid' on the screen which includes words, pictures, sounds and phrases. The Clicker Grids are displayed beneath writing Clicker 5 screen shot - clicker displays a virtual grid on the screen, including words, pictures, sounds and phrases.section so students can right-click to hear the word/phrase, or left click to enter it into the word processor. Clicker 5 also has a range of accessibility options for people with special needs. Users can access Clicker 5 using a mouse, trackball, joystick, keyboard, touchscreen, single switch or multiple switches. Click here for Clicker 5 screenshots. Clicker Grids Lots of ready-made grids are included with the program and there are hundreds more are available. Clicker Grids are amazingly easy to create. Teachers can easily set up new grids with their own groups of words, pictures and a whole range of functions, and relate them to the special needs of their students. Clicker - Talking Word Processor Clicker 5's NEW English speech engine sounds incredibly realistic! You can hear words in the Clicker Grid before you write and then hear what you've written in Clicker Writer (the word processing function). Words are highlighted as they are spoken, enabling students to follow the words as they are read. Students can also record their own voice in Clicker, or use other speech engines, so it's great for teaching other languages Clicker - Multimedia Presentations Clicker 5 is also a powerful tool for creating multimedia presentations which can be enhanced with digital photographs, sound, animation and video. There is a Clicker Animations CD-ROM that has many animations to illustrate verbs, emotions and phrases! Clicker comes with a graphic library of over 1,000 pictures or you can use your own images. All the main graphic formats are supported, including digital photos. Writing can be printed out or saved in HTML format, so that school children can publish their work on the school website. Clicker - Special Needs or Struggling Students Sentence Building - Words can be organised left to right and colour-coded to help students to build simple sentences. Word Banks - Pupils can use Clicker Writer like any other word processor. They can type from the keyboard, then use the Clicker Grids for more difficult words or to extend vocabulary. Writing Frames - Grids can be linked so that students can move through them in a sequence, offering a `writing frame` or `story frame` to help structure a piece of writing. Special Needs - Clicker is great for writers of all abilities, including reluctant writers, pupils with English as a Second Language (ESL) and pupils with physical disabilities. Switch Accessibility - Switch access is built in for word processing and writing activities; talking books and other multimedia; and communication grids. With version 5, switch access comes as an installable option on the standard CD! Users can access Clicker 5 in the following ways: Mouse, Trackball, Joystick, Keyboard, Touchscreen, Single Switch, Multiple Switches. The good news too is that if you already have Clicker 4, you`ll find that you can still use all of your existing Clicker activities in Clicker 5! Extra Resources and Support Material Once you have Clicker, you also have access to hundreds of free resources at www.LearningGrids.com. You can also buy resources that work with Clicker, such as extra Clicker Grids, Find Out & Write About and Planet Wobble. Minimum System Requirements for Windows: Pentium II 400 or greater Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP 32MB RAM 50MB hard disk space A sound card is required if you wish to use the speech CD ROM drive

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