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    English For Kids

     English for Kids is based on a proven teaching method that will quickly improve a student's ability to speak English. The course, designed by ESL professionals, is the best interactive instructional system available at any price.       How it Works English for Kids teaches students how to pronounce the key sounds that make up the English language in 31 lessons. They quickly learn how to put these sounds together to form English words and sentences. The program provides students with diagrams, sounds, pictures, and definitions to help them master the English language. The student will:
    • gain skill and confidence when speaking English.
    • master all key English language sounds in 31 easy-to-use lessons.
    • have over 50 hours of pronunciation practice.
    • avoid common English language errors from the very beginning.
    • learn through a combination of multimedia resources, including pictures, movies, and sounds.
    • record pronunciation exercises and compare them to a native speaker's voice.
    • increase his/her English language vocabulary and comprehension.
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