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    Practice Test for the TOEICŪ Test

     These preparation tests, created by certified ESL instructors, include all areas of the TOEIC® exam and are administered with standard time limits. The TOEIC® Advantage program provides learners with valuable feedback and hours of practice, giving them a true "TOEIC® Advantage" on test day! How the Practice Tests for the TOEIC® Test work Our practice TOEIC® tests are preparatory resources that allow learners to get ready for an actual TOEIC® test in an authentic format and under realistic test-taking conditions. These state-of-the art programs have several key features, such as:
    • The option to take the entire test or take it in parts.
    • A full-length test administered under normal TOEIC® test time limits.
    • The ability to 'save' test sessions and go back to check the answers later.
    • Detailed explanatory answers for all seven parts of the test, and for Parts I, II, III, and IV this includes tapescripts of the actual listening passages.
    • In the Listening section, learners can opt to listen to the passage again and/or see the text on the computer screen.
    • A real TOEIC® test score after completing a full-length test.
    Practice TOEIC® Test Sections Section I - Listening:This section consists of 100 questions. It is divided into four parts. Examinees listen to a variety of statements, questions, short conversations, and short talks recorded in English, then answer questions based on the listening segments. The Listening section takes approximately 45 minutes. Part 1: Photographs. 20 items Part 2: Question-Response. 30 items Part 3: Short Conversations. 30 items Part 4: Short Talks. 20 items Section II - Reading:The Reading section also consists of 100 questions. Examinees read a variety of questions and answer them at their own pace. The Reading section lasts approximately 75 minutes. Part 5: Incomplete Sentences. 40 items Part 6: Error Recognition. 20 items Part 7: Reading Comprehension. 40 items
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